Time & Attendance

Why TurboTime?

Your salaries and wages bill is one of your largest overheads, do you have total control over it?


Why is a reliable accurate time and attendance system necessary for my company?


The law states that a record of "time worked" has to be kept for each and every employee for a period of at least three years. Do you?


Is it important to control and reduce your overtime?

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Improve Productivity

Do you want your employees' productivity to increase?


Do you want a happier workforce?


Would you like to reduce the time taken calculating your employees' hours worked on a weekly/monthly  basis?


Would you like to increase you bottom line?







Cut Costs\Save Money

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Do you want to eliminate buddy clocking in your business?


Would you like to reduce your payroll costs?


Are you spending too much time each week scheduling your staff?


We have been in business for over 25 years so whether you have one or one thousand employees we have all the answers to these questions.



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