Job Costing

Job Costing (or Production Timing) was designed to answer our question - How long did we spend on that last project?


We never knew when we had finished a project  if we had made a reasonable profit, a decent profit or no profit at all.


It is just a pity we didn't develop job tracking when we first started in 1992, we would have benefited greatly, as would many of our customers, purely because they would have been able to monitor which of their products are most profitable.


We have helped ourselves and others. Why not let us show you how we can help you?

How It Came About.

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We don't sell you the product and then leave you to figure it out for yourselves. For the first four weeks, one day a week, one of our technicians will attend your site for "Hand Holding".


During this period numerous question will arise, because, the more you use the system the more you will realize the power of the software and may need clarification  on some of the finer details, or additional training on features you at first thought would not be applicable to your business,


After four weeks we offer optional Telephonic/TeamViewer Support , where an experienced technician is available during office hours to assist with any problems you may be experiencing or answer any questions you may have.

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Why Job Costing?

What are the benefits of Job Costing?


Why do you need Job Costing?


Would you like take back control over your businesses productivity?


Do you know which is your most profitable product?


Conversely, do you know which is your least profitable product?


Do you know how long it takes for the production and stores managers to be informed of a materials shortage?


Do you know where the bottlenecks in your production process are?

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